CJC has been specializing
in individual and 1 on 2
Japanese language teaching
in Central for over   5   years





CJC specializes in private face-to-face Japanese language learning programmes. Our programmes offer a range of courses covering all levels of language proficiency.

As a professional Japanese language academy in Hong Kong, we focus on developing learners’ Japanese language skills, including listening, speaking, reading, writing and the ability to communicate in Japanese confidently.

We believe that with a strong Japanese language foundation, learners can learn efficiently. Our beginners course (N5 to N4) in CJC requires 220 hours only (normally 320 hours in other language schools in town).

Other than offering programmes that meet the actual needs of learners, CJC also tailor-made rich and interesting content from daily life language, business language, travel and leisure, academic language, preschool language for kids, and much more.  

CJC offers a team of professional and accredited native Japanese teachers with flexible schedules to suit your needs and learning pace. Our stylish studio provides every learner a cozy and motivating learning environment.

8-minute walk from Central Station



  • Large Classroom

    Members can book Japanese classes anytime and anywhere.At the same time,you can enjoy one-to-one or one-to-two classes in a 700-square-foot classroom. Allows you to easily develop the classroom to meet your learning needs

  • 24/7 appointment

    You can book and arrange Japanese classes according to your own time, without being bound by a fixed time and accommodating the teacher's time.

    Both private and group classes can be booked at the same time

  • Rich teaching materials

    More than 30 rich teaching materials to meet your Japanese classroom learning requirements.

  • Accurately learn Japanese pronunciation and tones

    In addition to basic classes such as Japanese grammar and vocabulary, full-time Japanese teachers will guide you to learn more accurate Japanese pronunciation and tones.


  • Registered member

    After formally becoming a member, you can check the teacher's time.

    Verified by Email and SMS

  • Buy coins

    CJC supports cash and other payment methods to purchase coins.
    You can book a class anytime with just your phone.
    You can check the teacher's time before purchasing.

    Provide a variety of coin packages to meet different needs

  • Confirm teacher hours

    You can only make an appointment for one class, and you can attend whenever you like.
    In the appointment page, you can confirm the teacher's time.
    Need to read and confirm the classroom and gold coin terms.

    Multiple classes at different times can be reserved at one time

  • Book a class time

    Availableonline classes and face-to-face classes.

    After completing the appointment, you will receive an appointment notification email.

  • Ready for Class

    In the first class, the teacher will first understand the learning level of the students,
    and then decide the teaching materials according to the situation.

  • Class begins

    The teacher will prepare the class content in advance.