Classroom and Coin Terms

CENTRAL JAPANESE CLUB LTD (hereinafter referred to as "CJC", "this website", "the company") lists matters related to the purchase of coins, reservation of classes, cancellation of classes, refund of coins, etc.


・Buy coins

  • 1.Must be a member to be able to buy coins.

  • 2.The payment method can be confirmed in "My Account" → "Purchase Coins".

  • 3.The validity period of coins needs to be determined according to the date displayed in "Buy coins". After the validity period of coins expires, the system of this website will automatically delete or display invalid.

  • 4.If a member purchases more than HKD$30,000 within a week, the system will temporarily stop the member from continuing to purchase coins.

  • 5.If a member purchases more than HKD$50,000 within a month, the system will temporarily stop the member from continuing to purchase coins.


・Book a class

  • 1.When making a reservation for a class, you must follow the schedule on the "Reservation" page of this website.

  • 2.When making class reservations, members can book private classes and group classes individually.


・Cancellation of classes

  • 1.If canceled on the same day, 500 coins will be charged.

  • 2.If canceled on two days ago, 400 coins will be charged.

  • 3.If canceled on three days ago, 300 coins will be charged.

  • 4.If canceled on four days ago, 200 coins will be charged.

  • 5.If canceled on five days ago, 100 coins will be charged.


・Return coins

  • 1.Members can return valid coins in their hands.

  • 2.coins whose validity period has expired, invalid coins, and coins given by the system cannot be returned in cash.

  • 3.When returning coins, the company will charge HK$300 as a handling fee. 


・Transfer coins

  • 1.The system of this website does not support the function of transferring coins. 



CJC reserves the right to revise or change this clause at any time and will notify each member or student in advance as soon as possible. All the content of this clause is subject to the latest updated version of this website. In case of any dispute, CJC reserves the right of final decision.